Science Poems

I’m going to add to the stock of Science Poems I began during NaPoWriMo

This is a rather convoluted but fun way to note the difference between Meiosis and Mitosis.

In reality, I just usually say that MiTosis contains a T and T is for total so everything gets copied rather than half.

T is for total

This tale has its beginnings

Many centuries ago

With the birth of two great artists

In the same womb did they grow

Named Meiosis and Mitosis

Unique talent soon displayed

That whatever was before them

A flawless copy by them made

With reproductions being so perfect

And therefore in such great demand

Their names quickly became household

Among people cross the land

Everything seemed so idyllic

Up to one volcanic day

When Meiosis had a vision

To follow a new pathway

I’m tired of making exact copies

My talent needs a muse

From this day I’ll take two objects

And half of their features choose

Then I’ll put them both together

In a composition new

Do the same with the two other halves

Creating double out the blue

Mitosis remained unconvinced

And stuck with what they knew

With a talent so invaluable

Every reason to eschew

But Meiosis kept on going

Each pair of hybrids finalised

Became their new originals

Work greatly diversified

So eclectic was the output

Inevitably came the call

May we display your artwork

In the King’s palatial hall

Meiosis now in big demand

Imagination wild and free

How could Mitosis not be envious

Well shortly we will see

While Meiosis soaked up plaudits

A big problem reared it’s head

Every work is now original

My replication days are dead

Every work has variation

No two things remain the same

But with a market for true duplicates

I can’t even copy the frame

Mitosis to the rescue

Back again in partnership

Happy ever after beckons

But no one saw the blip

One day while at their forte

Mitosis had the need to cough

Causing a horse drawn in the foreground

To drink from a bigger trough

But this small difference went unnoticed

The work became the subject of

The template for the next one

Yet again another cough

Gave rise to further error

Once again hard to discern

Through the years repeated

Without cause for concern

Until one day an expert

Compared two that should be twin

Quite rightly so astonished

At the discrepancies within

Nevertheless the style and form

Is undeniably

The hand of one Mitosis

Anybody would agree

This later work while not the same

As the master copy sitting

Is overall more suitable

One might say it’s truly fitting

Ralph 04/5/21

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