Camera obscuring

At long last, they were here

Here in my country

Here in person

Only ever seen before on my TV

Nearly a decade in planning

Twelve month postponement too

At long last, here they were

Here in front of me

Here they were

They and I on the same street

Decades before this will happen again

If ever in my lifetime

Pounding the streets for 26 miles

Or cycling in pursuit

Marathon runners, cyclists, triathletes

Among the best on the planet, here they were

I got my place early, to witness history

Here they are

I watched them all go by

Through the screen of a phone

Ralph 08/8/21

Is that ‘Greensleeves’ I hear?

When you think about it, these cornets are a really ludicrous design of confectionery

I don’t often read pavements

But this one related several sorry tales

Each snowberry white splatter

Testament to a similar frustration and despair

And a misplaced sense of self-reproach

It’s the emotional investment you see

The ‘buy-in’

Small, medium or large?

Chocolate or candy sprinkles?

Strawberry or chocolate sauce?

My treat, my creation

To flake or not to flake?

But they never ask the big question

Where would you like the centre of mass?

‘As low as possible’

I never really stood a chance

A teetering mass of viscous confectionery

About as stable as a book supported by a pencil

I have no circus skills

And here comes the wind

Ralph Whippy 06/8/21

Creative Futures Award Entry

I started entering a few competitions, well, the free ones anyway. Didn’t make the shortlist with this one so I can at least put it here on my blog now

Say it with flowers

Surrounded by fellow victims we bloom

Showering pleasure on every observer

Symbolising the heartfelt affection

Sentiment from a new would be suitor

Anticipating a lingering death

All pathways cut from my vital functions

Artificially supported for now

A mask of vivacious presentation

Brought indoors, fragrance emanates stronger

Before your kind; of hyposmic aspect

Bringing smiles and a blissful contentment

Benevolence upon the bestower

Fed by capillary action alone

Falling far below nature’s intention

Furthering short lived days of tumescence

Followed by swift deterioration

Curiously, once cavorting in sunlight

Catalysing this producer’s purpose

Cell walls now catastrophically crumble

Converse to life’s essential relation

Reciprocated feelings develop

Rejection would be a most tragic end

Resurrected through this growing romance

Reassures I’ll have not perished in vain

Ralph 13/7/21