Jersey Air Display

I was fortunate to be in Jersey last week for the annual air display.

The weather was kind enough and it was wonderful to see the Red Arrows again. It is strange but as soon as I see them my mood gets boosted by hundreds of percents and I have the biggest smile.

Hopefully, one day I might be able to see them perform again at Silverstone on Grand Prix Sunday.

Incidentally, I have not given up on poems, I’m just temporarily distracted by other events.

Thanks for another great display ‘Red Arrows’ and all the other aircraft that made the day great.

Here’s a couple of shots I’ve taken in earlier years


Ralph 14/9/21

False Faces

A Happy Sideboard

I found this article today, not that there was anything particularly deep in it – it’s the part of the BBC that’s aimed at younger consumers – but because this started to become a prompt for future poems about a month ago, when I started noting down the faces/images I perceive.

I’ve got a wonderful flowery duvet cover packed full of interesting faces or shapes including a canine pirate, an opera singer and a blood red rabbit on a broomstick heading straight for the void. But for now, it’s a work in progress.

This morning I saw a beautiful panther in the bathroom tiles, a reflection of the top layer of the open wash basket.

And of course, I can always rely on the sideboard drawers to cheer me up!

If you have any of your own, I would be delighted to hear.


Well that was another four hours of my life, not wasted but culminating once again in astonishment at how the winning song came to be.

The jury voting is a joke, going to each country in turn to hear cliches and see the bias is now something to endure, not enjoy. Only made bearable by Graham Norton’s observations.

At least the phone vote appears to be a little more grounded in reality, songs that I enjoyed from Finland, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Norway and France getting good numbers here.

As for the United Kingdom? Indisputably a very good singer. A song that sounded strong enough for mid-table obscurity on its daily plays on Radio 2.

But that staging and performance simply did not cut it. Instantly forgettable. Once again there will be the annual cries of everyone is against us. But honestly, given the fairest of fair opportunities if that performance had to fight its way through a semi-final to take its place on last nights stage, it would have been on its back on the canvas and flying back from Schiphol, to quarantine or with some evidence of testing by Friday at the latest.

So congratulations to Italy but if a heavy song was going to be the winner, I’m at a loss as to why Helsinki won’t be staging next year.