Lockdown Living – Today’s Poem April 29th

Nearly there now. Today’s prompt is to write a poem about what is seen through a window. My first attempt briefly addresses the actual act of seeing, but it is the first thing to spring to mind. Maybe I will write again later.

Is Knowledge Power?

Suspicions aroused

Internal tensile dialogue

To do, wins the day

Thus I embark on

A venture Ill advised

Knowledge is power

Is it not?

You are my first true love

Once enjoying the closest of embraces

Since at arms length

Bent elbow for a time

Now fully extended

Reaching out of range

Have we run our natural course?

Or distanced via a catalyst?

Favouring one side of equilibrium

If butterflies were elephants

Charging as I reach your drive

A hundred thousand pin pricks

Catalyst indeed

He rides a bike

With stupid upturned handlebars

Propped up beneath your window

Dare I move closer?

With cat like tread

Heart a yard advanced

I see you first

Beautiful this Summer’s day

Magnified to this beholder

Now delighted by the presence of another

You now in his arms

Lips pressed tightly

Already seen enough?

A sense of shock?

No! for shock is without suspicion

How to describe

Hybrid despair and rage?

Shall I fight?

Fight back the tears for now

Nothing more

Withdraw, assimilate

At least I know

At least I know

At least I know

At least I know

Ralph 29/4/21

Lockdown Living – Today’s Poem April 27th

Been busy today, so short of time and didn’t fancy the prompt for today at all.

Then WHAM! This definition from the prompted dictionary of obscure sorrows hit me smack between the eyes and gave me the impetus to rise above the inertia. It’s just as well it did because it’s surrounded by plenty of navel gazing crap, a beacon of light in a sea of magniloquence – although I’m sure some of you will like it. And that’s perfectly fine, it’s me not you.

Lilo From ‘lifelong’ + ‘lie low’ Pronounced lahy-low

n. a friendship that can lie dormant for years only to pick right back up instantly, as if no time had passed since you last saw each other.

by dictionaryofobscuresorrows

The word itself is bloody naff considering it is describing something so amazing, but those of you who interact with me on that level are very much cherished. Thanks to each and every one of you. Lots of Love


To each and every one of you

Who fit this category

Thank you for being so special

You’re all very dear to me

Ralph 27/4/21

Lockdown Living – Housekeeping

To try to make the poems more accessible I’m building a gallery page so I need to re publish the first 4 poems I wrote for NaPoWriMo

Here is my offering for the Early-Bird Challenge

Anyone for cookies?

Yes it’s nearly Easter

And I’m a bird it’s true

But I was not hatched from an egg

I’m ceramic through and through

Not slip cast or machine moulded

I’m unique in every way

Thanks to the skill of my creator

As they pushed and pulled the clay

Like the Phoenix from the Ashes

My form was sealed by flame

Then my features were augmented

And like this I soon became

Once I served a useful purpose

Purposes, I would argue

Though I’m practical for storage

I’m also an intriguing view

The Victorians have long since gone

And so it is my fate

To yield my practicality

So only my aesthetic state

Can be accessed from my cabinet

Where through decades I reside

Even my closest of curators

Uses terms that so deride

Every single visitor

Who cares to show interest

Hears the audio description

Words like Gargoyle and grotesque

But does this face look bovvered?

I’m not either of those things

I’m compelling, yes intriguing

From my beak right to my wings

It’s my facial expression

So much character I suppose

You don’t know what I am thinking

Fixed in my eternal pose

Am I quizzical, nay sardonic?

Sympathetic or detached?

Engaging or unfriendly?

I’m sure if I had been hatched

I’d be much more less expressive

I doubt that I’d catch the eye

Of the man who chose me for this verse

He’s willing me to fly

Ralph 31/3/21

Lockdown Living – Today’s Poem April 19th

At last a prompt that I can identify. Write a humorous poem rant about things that irritate or as you say across the pond, grind your gears.

I might have to return and add to it. I’ve got a little list as long as Ko-Ko’s


The prompt for today

Was a real windfall it’s true

It don’t take much to start me off

I am Victor Meldrew

Your children are dispicable

You couldn’t give a toss

As they run around so feral

After all it’s not your loss

You’re a hundred yards away from

Their annoying antics

Act like some proper parents

You modern half-soaked pr**ks

What does it cost to simply put

That wrapper in your pocket?

Nothing! you fool

So why on Earth be so content to drop it?

You ignorant selfish moron

Discarding all your litter

Help keep Britain tidy

Not make it look more sh**ter

They said you’d call to fix it

No later than half two

I had to take time off work

To wait and wait for you

It’s half past six and still no sign

Oh now I’ve got a text

‘Be round before half two tomorrow

How come you feel so vexed?’

Last summer at the airport

I followed the one way signs

Inside I put my mask on

Respected all the lines

Had a socially distanced wee wee

Then rolled my eyes because

It all seemed futile as we left the gate

Tightly crammed onto one bus

There’s a two mile stretch of deserted beach

A blissful place where to unwind

With a nice cool drink I’m settled

And the weathers been so kind

So why come along and base yourselves

In such close proximity?

There’s an entire beach you could infest

With your inane vapidity

As you cycle down the busy road

Earphones at full blast

Has it ever dawned on you

As you’re travelling quite fast

That you have responsibility

Of your surroundings be aware

That’s not solely by looking

Yet your hearing you impair

And likewise the phone zombies

Staring at their screen engrossed

No consideration for anyone else

As they hit the next lamppost

I don’t need a f***ing lanyard

Daily round my neck

I well know who I am thank you

I’ve never had to check

I like to watch some Wimbledon

But there’s them that have the nerve

To think it quite acceptable

To call out before a serve

Those journalistic gobs**tes

Why ever do they call

‘Are you going to resign Minister?’

Two fingers to you all

All posers on your zoom calls

Your bookcases fresh stocked

To make you look more learned

When you speak your clearly not

No Shakespeare, Proust or Voltaire

Your visual hyperbole

I could trump all too easily

By shelves stocked with toilet roll!

Neighbours who don’t use their own drive

But park right across yours

It’s just so very tempting

To superglue their doors

The ass**le who sat in my seat

On the plane headed for Rabat

So as he could sit next to his wife

‘Do you have a problem with that?’

All parents who without fail

Drop their kids as near can be

To the school entrance as possible

Oblivious to you and me

As we wait in line for Horace

As he dithers as he gets

His bag and hockey stick from the car

Violin and new chess set

Meanwhile the traffics backed up

Right up onto the main road

The entrance to the car park blocked

By this smug obnoxious toad

And he’ll be back again tomorrow

And he’ll do the self same thing

And we’ll all just sit impatiently

Like a row of coiled springs

As for those who leave their dog’s shit

When you go about your ways

Pick it up because your missing out

It keeps your hands warm on cold days!

Grumpy Ralph 19/4/21