Learning Resources

As well as the interests detailed on my about page, I also like to create learning resources for Science and Maths. My electrical circuit problems appear to be popular over on TES resources. I am going to start to post some over here imminently so please check back to see the latest additions.

Learning resources – Circuit Mastery

Although most of my work is free to download, there is a small charge for this excellent workbook. It will take a learner from the most basic series circuit right through to master of difficult parallel problems in simple, easy to follow steps. You can see a video of it on my Twitter page @ralphbiscuit


Learning resources – Moments

50 moments problems in my new design available for FREE for now.

Although I like teaching about moments, I do find the drawing tedious and I know some students have difficulty copying accurately from the display board.

I have also not found it easy to find worksheets in a format that suits my needs so, as I have been singing the praises of INKSCAPE, I thought I would have a go at making my own

There are fifty problems in total, some are worked examples and they cover a wide range of difficulty and type:

Calculating moments

Balanced beam Yes or No

Balanced beam missing weights

Balanced beam unknown positions

Balanced beam off centre pivot

Balanced beam off centre pivot missing weights or unknown position.

They are free to download from TES resources for now, I would be interested to learn if you like the design, so please leave a review or a comment on the blog page if you are able to make use of them.


Learning resources- The mystery of the apparent popularity of the Converting Units of Time Activity.

As a percentages of views to downloads, this is by far the most popular resource. But why?

Although the number of resources that I have shared on TES Resources to date are small, the majority are free and total downloads are in the thousands.

This recent addition has been viewed over one hundred times and the percentage of downloads to views is an amazing 95% to date.

However, I have no idea why. I take care to produce these resources, hoping that users feel they are good quality and providing answers becomes comparatively time consuming as they need to be carefully reviewed. But with downloads in the thousands, all of my resources have gained just 3 reviews.

What is even more discouraging is that those are attributed to just one resource. I know we are very busy people, which is why I try to include answers, but this profession also appreciates the importance of feedback. So I am just putting it out there that reviews are appreciated even if only to let me know I need to alter a mistake or two.

You can DOWNLOAD the resource by clicking the link. You can leave reviews on TES or comments on my blog page.