Lockdown Living – April 10th

I dont have the time to work to the true aspirations of today’s prompt so today’s offering is a very literal reference to it.

View from the Bedside Draw

Shoelaces as good as new

Rubber bands almost perished

Novelties from cracker pulls

Throughout the years uncherished

Keys no longer with purpose

Houses once lived in left

Vehicles long since part exchanged

Or subjected to a theft

Batteries bereft of life

Exhausted and leaking

Broken pendant awaits repair

And cards of bygone greeting

Pins upon pins scattered throughout

Safety, dress and map

With dried up useless felt tip pins

Each one bereft of cap

Expired money off coupons

Co-op dividend stamps

From pockets emptied quickly

Bits off standard lamps

Remote controls redundant

No devices to ‘talk to’

Tubes of solid adhesive

Unusable as glue

Two golf tees and a marble

Three beer mats from the pub

Random stickers from Panini

And a theatre circle stub

Ralph 10/4/21

Lockdown Living – Today’s Poem April 9th

Today’s prompt is to write a poem of a to do list for an unusual person or character.

I could not resist deviating slightly from my character’s narrative to recall a great sketch from Big Train, where a similar extraordinary character played by Mark Heap went about his day doing mundane things. It can be found on YouTube: Big Train – Tyrant at Home

The greatest showman and much much more

Before the Flash

Change into tyrants robes

Order executions for the day

Meet with closest generals

Review quotations for death ray

Send hailstone attack on Planet Earth

Brunch – Sea of Mystery

Tidy up my bookcase

Zoom call; Suzerainty

Catch the Big Train home from Frigia and put

The vacuum cleaner round

Inspect War Rocket Ajax

Survey potential battleground

Send out for Quantum Crystals

Afternoon tea with Aura

Haircut, not too much off

Receive tributes from Arboria

Stir up trouble between

Queen Acura and King Vultan

Inflict a Hurricane

On Bury, Leigh and Bolton

Evening meal alone

Address subjects of Mingo City

Retire to my chambers

Watch TED type talk ‘Show No Pity’

Ralph 09/4/21

Lockdown Living – Today’s poem April 8th

After yesterday, things are looking up. I’ve got bedding plants for hanging baskets and a replacement element for the oven so I can bake the cake I’ve been planning.

Unlike yesterday, today’s prompt is fantastic. To read Spoon River Anthology and write a monologue of someone who is dead.

This has grabbed my attention and interest as much as yesterday’s prompt did not. So it is likely that I will add more monologues here in future

All monologues are under a named title, that is fictional, and any similarity to anyone living or dead from this world is purely unintentional.

Catharine Bryson

My mother became infirm when I was nine

So my childhood was fast tracked

Caring for her and my sister Beth

As she grew older Beth helped a great deal

And I could resume my education

On the day I was notified

That I had qualified in a business degree, first class with honours

I was offered a job at a charity for the homeless

Full time, unlike the volunteering I had been doing

But flexible enough to still support my mum

As I was driving home

A stolen car pursued by traffic cops

Came round the bend on the same side of the road

The crumple zone did its job on the impulse

But what should have been under the bonnet went into my legs

Together with internal injuries

The pain was excruciating

I drifted in and out of consciousness

Then unconscious became a permanent state

Bystanders got their smartphones out

Under the stroboscopic blue

The paramedics worked and worked

Imploring my heart to regain some rhythm

How awful it must be to be in charge

And make that call to stop

My ordeal over

I rest here

The car thief walked away

With minor bruising and was arrested

Pleading guilty

He got a fine and custodial sentence

Suspended, naturally

Ralph 08/4/21

Lockdown Living – Today’s Poem April 7th

I wrote on my Facebook yesterday that I am really enjoying engaging with the daily prompts and subsequently learning more ways to be creative

Today I’m not in a good mood and while I had fun with the Fib idea, my mindset is not open enough to the suggestion that putting words in such a mathematical structure can ever hope to match the beauty of the things that we see arranged so.

Up to eight syllables in a line is pretty good fun, but beyond that it all becomes a bit meh. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.

Stop eating my seedlings

I won’t be investing





Beauty in vision

But you cannot be serious

That it resonates

So with words







This One For

An experiment

Once the next in the sequence is

Reached it does appear to suddenly become markedly

Inelegant in contrast to

That which cheers our eye



I Still




In nature

Does not preclude any

Entity as a starting point

Yet thousands of words


By their






On The Dragons Den

This ones not for me so I won’t

Be investing in

This idea




Grumpy Ralph 07/4/21