Lockdown living – Copyright quiz

True? False? or Not Sure? Take the Copyright Quiz on TES Resources

A short blog post today, but I found this an interesting and revealing exercise. Having done a lot of research on Copyright before publishing my own learning resources I was keen to try this newly published quiz – or should I say retrieval practice ?

This appeared on the TES recently. I got 17/20 and I would have not got anywhere near that before my recent research.

The link to it is HERE

If you are willing to share your score, please post a comment below. What was the most surprising thing you learned? Mine was the point about using a low quality image of part of the book front cover.

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Lockdown living – Project Giant, Reuse, Recycle Literally!

New lease of life, back in the saddle.

About 15 years ago I paid what I thought was a handsome sum of £595 for a Giant Suede electric bike. After initial teething troubles with the battery charger which eventually got sorted by the shop, (who offered one of the best after sales customer services I’ve ever experienced). I enjoyed using it for my 8 mile round trip daily commute.

After 9 years it became evident that in spite of taking conscientious care of the battery management, the battery was on its way out.

Efforts to find a replacement in shops and online resulted in disappointment unless I was willing to wait a while and part with around £400. This bike is heavy and it’s a big effort to ride without battery support even after all those spinning sessions, so subsequently it was stowed in the garage seeming to be destined for the waste recycling centre.

Each visit to the garage left me with a heavy heart as it remained suspended vertically, of little use, yet so originally costly to throw out.

After periodic searches over the years, in January 2021, I was excited to see that what appeared to be a suitable battery appeared on Amazon at just over £100.

I took the gamble and ordered it. The battery I bought is the same specification as the original in terms of voltage and capacity, but it is about a third of the size in volume and is much much lighter. I should point out that it is only the battery and charger that you get, so you do need to know what you are doing to safely do the modifications to the bike to get a suitable case and the correct connectivity.

The result? So far 3 rides of around 20 km. It appears to work better on hills than ever, has a slightly longer range than before, and it recharges in only a couple of hours.

It is great to be able to use this again, I guess the development of batteries is improving all the time and that is why after patiently waiting, something compatible yet cost effective finally appeared.

Only time will tell if this is going to be the solution I hoped for, but for now, I’m delighted with the outcome from this project.