Poems – NaPoWriMo 2021

Here are PictureLinks to the 31 Poems I wrote during National Poetry Writer’s Month

Anyone for Cookies?
A July Treat
Spin, spin, spin the Wheel of Justice
Hasta La Vista / Dirty Larry
Water water everywhere
Is Knowledge Power?
Old man of the forest in a bespoke habitat
View from the bedside drawer
After the Flash
What’s my Line?
You can teach an old dog
Nuts in May
To Sleep Perchance to Dream (Strangiato Theme)
There’s only one Ralph Biscuit
In praise of Pick n Mix projectiles
Goodnight Vienetta
Lockdown Haircut
The session
A Horticultural Paradox
Que Sera Sera
The beautiful greed and arrogance
Catharine Bryson
I won’t be Investing
Never a Cross Word
The revolution won’t be televised
Vital Signs Hidden in Plain Sight
Can we get another Orange Charger?