I like to write poems in my spare time. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy creating them.

For the month of April, I have taken up the challenge at https://www.napowrimo.net to write a poem on each day of the month. Please keep checking back. If you would like to comment there is a daily poem page on the blog.

All NaPoWriMo poems are archived here

Here’s my poem celebrating why we might be feeling a little bit groggier than usual

And don’t forget…………..

I woke up an hour too soon today

But no that can’t be true

My body says yes, the clock says no

Yet I kept to my curfew

The cats seem none to happy

As I rashly spoil their nap

I’m sure they’ll soon get over it

Once their food pouch has unsnapped

The dog’s not circling round his lead

He’s in his basket comatose

I think he’s just a little spooked

Now I’ve broken his repose

And it seems a little dark outside

It’s colder too I swear

Still, the radio show’s familiar

The usual voice is on the air

I’m not feeling quite as hungry

Getting dressed is such a chore

I’m think I should be back in bed

I’m really quite unsure

My phone says that it’s half past six

The wristwatch has that it too

It’s also that time on UK Gold

My desktop shares that view

Then I see it in the kitchen

Those other gadgets may contrive

But my trusty fitted oven

Clearly displays half past five!

I should have seen it coming

The vernal equinox last week

Supermarkets full of Easter eggs

Garden bulbs and seedlings peek

To follow daffodils and snowdrops

Defying Winter’s gloom

Soon sweet pea, rose and lavender

Will share their rich perfume

It seems such a distant memory

Last October’s change of tack

As we sighed with resignation

And we put our tick-tocks back

Now there’s much anticipation

Of joyous days ahead

Here comes Spring and then the Summer

Well worth one less hour in bed!

Ralph 29/3/21

Here is my poem to celebrate World Theatre Day. I hope you enjoy it.

It’s World Theatre Day Today

It’s World Theatre Day today

And I wish that I could say

That I’m heading off to see another show

But for the most obvious of reasons

They’re closed for this current season

So as I’m without a place to go

I’ll take stock of my blessings

That’s not as depressing

As rueing missed chances this year

I’ll reflect on past visits

And look through my tickets

Reminiscing of shows on the pier

As a child there was panto

Right through to next March

Household names from TV to the fore

Rod Hull, David Nixon

Basil Brush and Ken Dodd

Are some I remember I’m sure

Cinderella, Puss in Boots

Peter Pan, Robin Hood

At an evening or loud matinee

‘It’s behind you’ they shout

That I very much doubt

As I still go to see them today

With my own kids of course

And we scream ‘til we’re hoarse

As the villain gets hold of that lamp

But the end turns out fine

As the baddies all whine

When our hero becomes the town’s champ

In my teens, I made hay

Oh! the bands I saw play

At the Odeon or local Arena

Seeing Freddie and Queen live

Was it four times maybe five?

I’ve still got all the concert memorabilia

At Uni I recollect

I saw a play by Berthold Brecht

Arturo Ui and his Resistable Rise

Sheffield Crucible that were

The next time that I went there

I watched snooker for the ultimate prize

The World Championships no less

But I’m sorry to confess

I nodded off just one or two times

It finished really late

But at Arundel Gate

I caught a bus before

The sound of midnight chimes

Next time I fell asleep

And that was very very deep

Was in a theatre far far away

Leading a China school visit

I couldn’t stay with it

We had done so much the previous day

In our defence I can say

That it weren’t our first stay

It was a great show the first time around

Then my next far flung trip

To a Sydney airstrip

Just two hours since the plane touched the ground

Saw us viewing the spray

In Port Jackson Bay

And the reason we’d come did astound

Sydney Opera House at last

Wow! how many years had passed

Since I vowed to see it one time for real

A great trip to Down Under

To see this World Wonder

We clearly could see the appeal

Next time snow hindered travel

But we found the Big Apple

And our room was just two blocks away

In the midst of Manhattan

On the concrete grid pattern

At the place that is known as Broadway

One show clearly beckoned

To see the home legend

From Brooklyn, a part of New York

Yes, we got to see Barry

It made me so happy

To see him perform, sing and talk

I’ve seen nearly all of G & S

And I’ve made some costume dress

Iolanthe, Pinafore and Ruddigore

That’s when I lived in Garrick Road

And near that same postcode

Is a theatre that now proudly bears that name

That’s where I saw Avenue Q

But not the Taming of the Shrew

That was Stratford

Yes the one of Shakespeare fame

Then onto the Wizard of Oz

At the Palladium because

London was our base for the Olympic Games

Des O’Connor was the attraction

And we loved all of the action

As Dorothy looked for the title’s name

Now back home I’m quite content

To reflect back on great times spent

Watching live sets from comedy gold

Tommy Cooper, Vic and Bob

Alan Partridge and I sobbed

With laughter mostly uncontrolled

At Jasper Carrott, Stewart Lee

He might be now quite mad at me

For mentioning him in this little rhyme

But he’s the last act that I saw

Before theatre closed the door

And he’s much much better than the 41st all time.

Let’s hope it won’t be too long

Before we’re back to witness song

Fun and laughter or whatever floats your boat

In the circle, stalls or gods

I hope you’ve enjoyed my nods

Remember Ernie and the play what he wrote.

By Ralph 27/3/21