Lockdown Living – Today’s Poem April 16th

Nice and easy today, just my sort of think. Today’s NaPoWriMo prompt is to write a Skeltonic and what better subject?

He scares the hell out of me doing this but that’s how content he is!

There’s only one Ralph Biscuit

My rabbit is really funny

Not like any other bunny

Because whenever it is sunny

He flops down on his tummy

Making his body really flat

I begin to worry that

He really has gone splat

Like a white, plush furry mat

He once bit a cat it’s true

And ended up rescue

So when we went to view

He was indoors feeling blue

Perhaps coz of his red eyes

Folks would not compromise

It came as a surprise

We began to realise

He’d been there for a year

Waiting for the Sun to appear

With his lion mane headgear

We found him rather dear

I built him a large run

Now he’s such a happy bun

Says hello to everyone

Come rain or snow or sun

Because he’s so nosey

From the place where he’s cosy

He’ll have a little mosey

Making sure that all is rosy

So much grass will he get through

It’s hard to keep up and renew

He’ll chew and chew and chew

In the evening he’ll turn to

His daily dinner treat

All the things he likes to eat

His diet balanced and complete

And thus he will always greet

By rushing up his ramp

Faster than a sprinting champ

But if unhappy he will stamp

So don’t try to revamp

His collection of toys

Or he’ll make a grunting noise

Yes that really annoys

It makes him lose his poise

Overall, this little chap

Has a penchant for a nap

With everything on tap

There’s no need for a flap

Such a character is he

I don’t know where I’d be

If I didn’t daily see

Him outside beside the tree

Here’s to many more fun days

Watching Ralphie as he plays

And hours where he’s at graze

I wouldn’t have it anyotherwaze

Ralph 16/4/21