First of all, there are plenty of examples of good, environmentally sympathetic branchage, and it’s easy to see why branchage is needed but it won’t hurt trying to spread the word and educate further.

This article will give you some of an idea about why the awareness campaign remains important.

Branchage Good 👍

As the radiant Sun

Tries to gain a finger hold on the horizon

And draw itself up

It begins

A monotone hum

Like the rotors of a coastguard search

Fortissimo, fortissimo

A cacophony of tremors on contact

The green and brown tsunami juggernaut rolls

Scraping, cutting, tugging

Bruised, lacerated, amputated refugees

Powerless in plain sight of predators

If not already passed

No blue lights, no Paramedics

No eyewitness reports, no updates

No roads closed, no eyelids batted

Pollinators betrayed

May No Mow

June Branchage

Their South bank a lifeless dusty scrape

The clerk of works approved

The politicians and parishioners came and bore witness

And the bearer of the twelve foot stick satisfied

Ralph 28/6/21

Fin-tastic Friday

I read somewhere that today is a shark awareness day.

So here’s a poem looking at it from the shark’s viewpoint

Watch what you eat

A request to see me with such haste

Pray, what in earth has taken place?

Regretfully I have to say

While hunting earlier today

I travelled closer to the shore

In pursuit of some albacore

But I’m afraid I screwed up bad

And fear you will get really mad

I can’t think why you worry so

Top predator here down below

The sea is ours to roam at will

It’s normal that we make a kill

Only Orcas give us any grief

We’re blessed with these destructive teeth

For many miles we gracefully steer

All other life retreats in fear

Streamlined serenity unsurpassed

Save for the briefest powerful blast

Surprise attack, true devastation

Force amplified by our gyration

Then quickly is the calm restored

Oh no! You’ve taken a surfboard!

Bit worse than that, I didn’t mean..

I took a chunk of human being

You foolish fish, you’re right to bawl

This is a crisis for us all

They’ll all be out aboard their boats

Harpooning us with things that float

Lacing the sea with bloody chum

Waiting to see if we will come

Bounding the bay with net deep down

If captured then you know we’ll drown

And they’ll not stop, they won’t get bored

Incentivised by a reward

This really is a huge nightmare

Why couldn’t you have took more care?

I’d just got used to living here

Now it’s the third move of this year

Why do you guys all let me down?

We’ll have to go back near Cape Town

But I tell you now, this times the last

Your recklessness leaves me aghast

Ralph 14/5/21

Lockdown Living – Today’s Poem April 28th

Today’s prompt was to write a poem that asked questions.

As I wrote the other day, collectively we are complete twats when it comes to caring for our environment and other creatures on this unique planet.

Today I was influenced by a memory of visiting Jersey Zoo

Just being able to be in such a tranquil spot observing the peaceful, effortless and calm way this creature went about his business prompted this poem. Beginning with some questions a younger person might ask before moving to a deeper level acknowledging the real reason he was here and our shared hopes for better days to come.

Old Man of the Forest in a Bespoke Enclosure

Are you happy in captivity?

Do they look after you well?

Is it noisy in the Summer?

Do the visitor numbers swell?

Isn’t it a bit too cold here?

Aren’t you equatorial?

Are you pleased you have no predators?

Land or arboreal?

What you doing with that branch?

Will it form part of your nest?

Can you recognise your keepers?

How many hours do you rest?

Do you like sharing with gibbons?

Do you know what endangered means?

Have you lived in a rainforest?

Seen it wrecked by huge machines?

Are you hopeful that your presence here

Will change the humans views?

Do you think they can be educated?

Do you think they’ll heed the news?

Do you think they’ll ever care enough?

Start to make more better choices?

Turn their backs on palm oil products?

Become united in their voices?

Why don’t you look at us with hatred?

Can we really look you in the eyes?

Don’t you feel we have betrayed you?

What’s it like to be so wise?

Could you teach us to be as serene?

Do you know some of us really care?

Do you know our numbers are too small?

But do you know we’re getting there?

Do you know we won’t stop fighting?

Do you know one day that there’ll be

a time for humans to be accountable?

What will happen? Wait and see.

Ralph 28/4/21

Lockdown Living – Today’s Poem April 24th

Strange one today. I wrote the poem using the prompt about animal facts. But I had never visited the National Geographic site before. Immediately drawn to sharks, I was in awe of the facts and features described only to feel incredibly sad at the accounts of how they are fished only for their fins, sometimes having them cut off to be left in the oceans to drown or bleed to death.

The more I learn, the sadder I feel about what complete and utter twats we are to our environment. A race so thoroughly undeserving of the true beauty of planet Earth.

What a great place it would be without humans.

And so the sheer irony emerges as I already had decided to replace the name of the animal with ‘optimism’.

Regular readers (I wish) will have noted my tendency to embed a song or two into titles during this month. Enjoy the poem, but I’d rather you took notice of the words from Freddie and Brian.

Nuts in May

Evident from ancient times

With coat colours highly variable

And vision to be envied

Optimism exists in nearly every type of habitat

Some short lived

Barely surviving birth

Others nurtured thrive in captivity

What Drays together Stays together

Reaching heady heights

Arboreal, tree and pine

Some truly grounded

Wishing themselves Flying Optimists

Masters of the night

Ralph 24/4/21