Creative Futures Award Entry

I started entering a few competitions, well, the free ones anyway. Didn’t make the shortlist with this one so I can at least put it here on my blog now

Say it with flowers

Surrounded by fellow victims we bloom

Showering pleasure on every observer

Symbolising the heartfelt affection

Sentiment from a new would be suitor

Anticipating a lingering death

All pathways cut from my vital functions

Artificially supported for now

A mask of vivacious presentation

Brought indoors, fragrance emanates stronger

Before your kind; of hyposmic aspect

Bringing smiles and a blissful contentment

Benevolence upon the bestower

Fed by capillary action alone

Falling far below nature’s intention

Furthering short lived days of tumescence

Followed by swift deterioration

Curiously, once cavorting in sunlight

Catalysing this producer’s purpose

Cell walls now catastrophically crumble

Converse to life’s essential relation

Reciprocated feelings develop

Rejection would be a most tragic end

Resurrected through this growing romance

Reassures I’ll have not perished in vain

Ralph 13/7/21


First of all, there are plenty of examples of good, environmentally sympathetic branchage, and it’s easy to see why branchage is needed but it won’t hurt trying to spread the word and educate further.

This article will give you some of an idea about why the awareness campaign remains important.

Branchage Good 👍

As the radiant Sun

Tries to gain a finger hold on the horizon

And draw itself up

It begins

A monotone hum

Like the rotors of a coastguard search

Fortissimo, fortissimo

A cacophony of tremors on contact

The green and brown tsunami juggernaut rolls

Scraping, cutting, tugging

Bruised, lacerated, amputated refugees

Powerless in plain sight of predators

If not already passed

No blue lights, no Paramedics

No eyewitness reports, no updates

No roads closed, no eyelids batted

Pollinators betrayed

May No Mow

June Branchage

Their South bank a lifeless dusty scrape

The clerk of works approved

The politicians and parishioners came and bore witness

And the bearer of the twelve foot stick satisfied

Ralph 28/6/21