Lockdown Living – Today’s Poem April 15th

Today’s prompt from NaPoWriMo is to write about a habit that you picked up from a parent.

I’m sure many of us do this anyway, but I’m gonna claim it as a learned behaviour.

In praise of pick n mix projectiles

A most outrageous sweet tooth

Especially being so slim

Rock and Nougat now a favourite

But I long remember him

Loving liquorice torpedoes

And Woolworths pick n’ mix

The latter quite abundant

In his confectionery fix

Of chocolate soft centres

Foil and cellophane wrapped

Adding to the whole experience

Yes, the taste sensation capped

By some basic origami

Fold, fold and fold again

With care, skill and concentration

But at other times less Zen

He’d roll it all into a ball

With both palms of his hands

Then dispatch it with a simple flick

No need for rubber bands

He could get some force behind it

Index finger against thumb

A mischievous grin upon his face

As it flew over at mum

Last Christmas break I recognised

The self-same trait in me

Sharing a box of Roses

Triggered creativity

Foil boats and planes and tiny hats

Crafted in a trance

But the piece de resistance

A true sign of our romance

Was the scrunched up sphere now on its way

With tender love and kisses

Straight across the living room

In the direction of my missus!

Ralph 15/4/21