National Limerick Day

I’m reliably informed that today, May 12th is National Limerick Day.

Now I actually thought writing Limericks was easy, but I don’t find it so. Anyway, I’ll keep adding my efforts here.

Roll out the red carpet for people I’ve never heard of. Must be my age.

The Brit Awards

I’m out of touch with new pop phenomenon

Best Male Artist was sponsored by Amazon

When Kurupt FM read out

Those who were in with a shout

I didn’t know of any one of them

Butter wouldn’t melt.


When I see the dog from next door

He sits down and offers a paw

So unlike my cats

Who in spite of my pats

Respond with an unfriendly claw.

Must Be Saturday


From Monday thru Friday it seems

The whole country has basked in sunbeams

Now we’re at the weekend

Heavy rain does descend

As if it’s a joke by jetstreams

Radio 2’s Greatest Quiz


Each day I tune in to Popmaster

I usually avoid a disaster

But at that moment when

I need to name three in ten

I wish that I was a lot faster