Lockdown Living – Today’s Poem April 30th

So here we are, the end of NaPoWriMo

It’s been good therapy and I enjoyed learning about some different ways to write and think.

Gotta say though that it did not encourage me to move away from writing light verse, must be my ambition to do some songwriting. I’m not going to apologise for that, I’ve seen some examples of poems that have been championed on quite influential websites and I can’t, as much as I’ve tried to be open minded, to conclude that they are pretentious, meaningless rubbish. Each to their own.

The other thing I found disappointing was the poor number of impressions on twitter despite using the NaPoWriMo address and hashtags and other associated hashtags. I would have thought it would have had a bigger profile. Strange.

Another thought that occurred to me was that I did make use of an online rhyming dictionary from time to time. Now I really like SQUEEZE and I’m delighted to have seen them live. But I wonder if Difford and Tillbrook had access to the internet when they wrote Up The Junction would they really have rhymed incubator with thirty minutes later?

To conclude, with the prompt asking for a poem based on a set of directions. I came up with this, going back to my childhood when I was asked to write a first person account of a water molecule in the water cycle.

Sailing off where the wind wills

Water Water Everywhere

Take it easy in the ocean soaking up the Summer Sun

Wend your way up to the surface, wait your turn molecule 41

With a little wind assistance ride on up into the air

Look around and spot the gases but you know it’s rude to stare

Push against the sailboats spinnaker, you’re running true downwind

Rise up even further now that all of the sails are trimmed

Notice that it’s getting colder and there don’t seem as much space

Speed up through the aircraft engine pass on through at quite a pace

Warmer now but soon it’s colder so you’ll find your slowing down

Try to avoid feeling claustrophobic as you pass over the town

When you’ve not got enough energy to carry on this way

Yield to the force of gravity as your surroundings turn to grey

If you land back on water, great stuff, just enjoy the ride

If your fall is broken by the ground allow your self to slide

Until you reach the water table where you’ll shortly be delivered

Into a brook which becomes a stream and then into a river

Pass by the fish, the rocks and plants until finally

Your back where you first started, making up part of the sea.

Ralph 30/4/21

Lockdown Living – Today’s Second Poem

I have never seen anything like it in my life. As an only child, I spent too much time in front of the television and as a brief diversion although I know it’s not meant to be an affirmation the song telly from Matilda resonates with me loads.

And it hasn’t done me bad either.

However, back on track. I have never ever in over half a century seen a program that portrays the human interaction as beautifully as The Repair Shop.

Through the Repair Shop Window

Skilled craftsmen giving of their best

Fulfilling others dreams

Reuniting them with memories past

Alone or in some teams

Confidence radiates at every turn

There’s never a cross word

Ever supportive of each other

Frustrations are unheard

That’s what comes of being an expert

Being comfortable in your skin

Tough decisions are made easily

Problems taken on the chin

If could have a taste of how heaven might be

Before my final curtain

The Repair Shop would be hard to beat

Of that I feel quite certain

Ralph 29/4/21

Lockdown Living – Today’s Poem April 28th

Today’s prompt was to write a poem that asked questions.

As I wrote the other day, collectively we are complete twats when it comes to caring for our environment and other creatures on this unique planet.

Today I was influenced by a memory of visiting Jersey Zoo

Just being able to be in such a tranquil spot observing the peaceful, effortless and calm way this creature went about his business prompted this poem. Beginning with some questions a younger person might ask before moving to a deeper level acknowledging the real reason he was here and our shared hopes for better days to come.

Old Man of the Forest in a Bespoke Enclosure

Are you happy in captivity?

Do they look after you well?

Is it noisy in the Summer?

Do the visitor numbers swell?

Isn’t it a bit too cold here?

Aren’t you equatorial?

Are you pleased you have no predators?

Land or arboreal?

What you doing with that branch?

Will it form part of your nest?

Can you recognise your keepers?

How many hours do you rest?

Do you like sharing with gibbons?

Do you know what endangered means?

Have you lived in a rainforest?

Seen it wrecked by huge machines?

Are you hopeful that your presence here

Will change the humans views?

Do you think they can be educated?

Do you think they’ll heed the news?

Do you think they’ll ever care enough?

Start to make more better choices?

Turn their backs on palm oil products?

Become united in their voices?

Why don’t you look at us with hatred?

Can we really look you in the eyes?

Don’t you feel we have betrayed you?

What’s it like to be so wise?

Could you teach us to be as serene?

Do you know some of us really care?

Do you know our numbers are too small?

But do you know we’re getting there?

Do you know we won’t stop fighting?

Do you know one day that there’ll be

a time for humans to be accountable?

What will happen? Wait and see.

Ralph 28/4/21