Fin-tastic Friday

I read somewhere that today is a shark awareness day.

So here’s a poem looking at it from the shark’s viewpoint

Watch what you eat

A request to see me with such haste

Pray, what in earth has taken place?

Regretfully I have to say

While hunting earlier today

I travelled closer to the shore

In pursuit of some albacore

But I’m afraid I screwed up bad

And fear you will get really mad

I can’t think why you worry so

Top predator here down below

The sea is ours to roam at will

It’s normal that we make a kill

Only Orcas give us any grief

We’re blessed with these destructive teeth

For many miles we gracefully steer

All other life retreats in fear

Streamlined serenity unsurpassed

Save for the briefest powerful blast

Surprise attack, true devastation

Force amplified by our gyration

Then quickly is the calm restored

Oh no! You’ve taken a surfboard!

Bit worse than that, I didn’t mean..

I took a chunk of human being

You foolish fish, you’re right to bawl

This is a crisis for us all

They’ll all be out aboard their boats

Harpooning us with things that float

Lacing the sea with bloody chum

Waiting to see if we will come

Bounding the bay with net deep down

If captured then you know we’ll drown

And they’ll not stop, they won’t get bored

Incentivised by a reward

This really is a huge nightmare

Why couldn’t you have took more care?

I’d just got used to living here

Now it’s the third move of this year

Why do you guys all let me down?

We’ll have to go back near Cape Town

But I tell you now, this times the last

Your recklessness leaves me aghast

Ralph 14/5/21

Garden Day Uk: Picture and Poem

Apparently this is today 9 May 2021

Slightly overlooked as it is also Liberation Day in the Channel Islands

St Peter Port Guernsey, photographed by me from the ferry

I thought I’d share the following

Firstly, this plant that originally came from one that I bought about 20 years ago from a garden centre. It was in the bargain rack as it was on its last legs. It has successfully self seeded over and over again to produce this rewarding display. Geranium Maderense.

Secondly, a poem

Horticultural Paradox

So carefully tended from day one

Sown at the given measure

Resplendence anticipated

Perfumatory pleasure

Precisely irrigated

Environment sustained

Nourishment by phosphates

Support by bamboo canes

Thinned out periodically

Pinched out just the once

Attentions well rewarded

Pick bunch after bunch

Still I remain astounded

When neglecting all their needs

There’s a healthy representation

Of a variety of weeds

Ralph 9 May 2021