Garden Day Uk: Picture and Poem

Apparently this is today 9 May 2021

Slightly overlooked as it is also Liberation Day in the Channel Islands

St Peter Port Guernsey, photographed by me from the ferry

I thought I’d share the following

Firstly, this plant that originally came from one that I bought about 20 years ago from a garden centre. It was in the bargain rack as it was on its last legs. It has successfully self seeded over and over again to produce this rewarding display. Geranium Maderense.

Secondly, a poem

Horticultural Paradox

So carefully tended from day one

Sown at the given measure

Resplendence anticipated

Perfumatory pleasure

Precisely irrigated

Environment sustained

Nourishment by phosphates

Support by bamboo canes

Thinned out periodically

Pinched out just the once

Attentions well rewarded

Pick bunch after bunch

Still I remain astounded

When neglecting all their needs

There’s a healthy representation

Of a variety of weeds

Ralph 9 May 2021

Today’s Poem

Last among equals

With as every right to be here

I’m disappointed with my lot

Unlike many that surround me

I’m hardly involved in a shot

Physically I’m much identical

To the rest sharing this space

If I was immersed in water

The self-same volume I’d displace

And if you took Vernier callipers

To measure my diameter

Once again the data would agree

Within a close parameter

The same friction coefficient

With the green carpet under me

Lie of the nap dependant

Affecting my velocity

My hardness measures very high

Smooth shiny surface is maintained

Some times I’ll gain electric charge

At least that’s how kicks are explained

If another object hits me

And it’s struck central and true

I’ll rebound at the same angle

Off the cushion as the cue

Now back to my melancholy

Can you yet see why I’m dismayed?

It’s not uncommon that I’ll see out

A complete frame without being played

At least I get a little bonus

If any red’s left from the pack

If I go into a pocket

Then I know I’ll get put back

Do you really need another clue

To determine my identity?

If the Earth was shrunk down to my size

The roughest sphere then would be me

An equal to the twenty one

Disregarded more than the blue

Because I’m the yellow snooker ball

And my value’s only two

Ralph 06/5/21

First Haiku

Had a bit of time this evening so looked into writing Haiku

Here’s my first 3 attempts all based on what’s going on in my garden


Seed truly buried

Surface monitored and wet

Sadly no result

The Sentry

Silent bird no more

Garden predator arrives

Sound out the warning

Old faithful


Self seeding relentlessness

Untended wonders